fit.test provides simple and reliable estimations of VO2max that then link beautifully to the creation of individualised aerobic exercise sessions based on your clients’ own data. I wrote fit.test for my own practice because there was nothing like it on the market, and then other exercise professionals wanted it. fit.test will transform the way that you provide exercise services for your clients.

What our subscribers say

The power of fit.test is at your finger tips

  1. Ability to customise your exercise testing or use published tests.

  2. Much fewer assumptions and 'look up tables' compared to other apps.

  3. Direct links from testing to programming.

  4. 14 different options for programming.

  5. Perfect for pre and post testing.

  6. Perfect for interval training and HIIT.

  7. Very simple to use.

  8. Our promise is to support you for your whole subscription.